PRICING 2019-2020
Casual Rate: Full Pitch - £64.00                                       Half Pitch - £32.00
Club Rate:      Full Pitch - £52/£42 (Adult/Jnr)                    Half Pitch - £27/£22           

  1. Floodlit
    The whole area is fully floodlit meaning that it can be used in the evenings throughout the year.
  2. Opening Times
    Opening Times
    The 3G Astro Pitch is open Monday to Friday 5pm to 10pm. The pitch is mostly used throughout the football season by club bookings but please do get in touch if you would like to know more
  3. All Weather
    All Weather
    The pitch can be used all year round and is ideal in the winter months when traditional grass and harder surfaces become less practicle
  4. Private Hire
    Private Hire
    The 3G Astro Pitch can be booked out as either a half pitch booking or as a full pitch. The timetable below shows the half pitch bookings in green. For rates and booking info please either call or fill out our online contact form
3G Astro Timetable 2019/2020

If you would like to book the Astro Pitch outside the times it is currently booked please get in touch by calling our reception or filling out the contact form.